League Rules General


To run in conjunction with SCORY with the possible exception of the following:
HIGHTOWN VENUE Sandy Lane Playing fields, Sandy Lane, Hightown, Liverpool L38 3RN
BUCKLEY HILL VENUE Buckley Hill Lane, Netherton, Liverpool L29 1YB
CV19 awareness rules and guidelines MUST be adhered to at all times
Upon arrival Managers must check in at the reception kiosk and pay the match fee.
Everyone associated with the team MUST wait on the waiting area and only when
their designated pitch is free can they move onto it.
Warm up During the kick in, to stop wear and tear, only the goalkeepers must occupy the goal
mouths. ALL other players must stay out of the goals.
Pitches Everyone associated with your team must remain on the SAME touchline opposite
your opponents. No one is allowed within 5 yards of a goal as it is intimidating.
Managers and spectators must NOT encroach onto the pitch.
Teams who persistently encroach will have to provide their own respect barriers.
In the interest of H & S, you MUST ensure that kids do NOT swing on crossbars.
All teams must remove litter from their touchline after the game and use the bins.
Goals/nets The goals and nets are done for you at Hightown but at Buckley Hill you will be
responsible for 1 net, 2 corner flags and 1 bin either before or after your game.
Please ensure the net bags are secure when not in use.
Failure to comply will mean you will have to provide your own!
Every team must provide their own pegs.
Car parking Consideration MUST be given to residents around both grounds as some of the
Behaviour managers are responsible for the behaviour of everyone associated with their team.
Misbehaviour will result in the team being expelled from the Hightown league.

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