League Rules Playing Conditions


BOYS U7 5 v 5 - 4 x 10 minute periods -size 3 ball - Rolling subs – retreat line/3 goal rule apply
U8 5 v 5 - 25 mins each way - size 3 ball - Rolling subs – retreat line/3 goal rule apply.
U9/10 7 v 7 25 mins each way size 3 ball Rolling subs – no retreat line or 3 goal rule.
U11/12 9 v 9 30 mins each way size 4 ball Offsides – Rolling subs
U13/14 11 v 11 35 mins each way size 4 ball rolling subs
U15 11 v 11 40 mins each way size 5 ball rolling subs
GIRLS U7/8 5 v 5 – 4 x 10 minute periods- size 3 ball – Rolling sub –retreat line/3 goal rule apply
In matches between teams of different ages, the younger team can play with an extra player.
U9/10/11 7 v 7 - 25 mins each way – 3 goal rule optional – size 3 ball at U9/10
size 4 at u11 Retreat line applies at U9 and below
U12/13 9 v 9 - 30 mins each way, offsides - rolling subs – size 4 ball
Player ID All players MUST be registered on the WGS and ‘approved’ to play in the Hightown JFL
Please see separate Registration/Transfer/Elite player Rules.
All teams must have a printed squad registration sheet available at every match for
inspection by the opposition if requested. Mobile phone records are NOT acceptable.
EVERY breach of player registration rules WILL result in severe penalties against the team
Elite players Players Un12 and above registered with an Academy are not permitted to play Grassroots football,
Transfers See specific transfer rules
Colour Clash We don’t have home or away so every team must have a set of bibs available.
Dogs Dogs are not allowed so please ensure that non of your people bring their dogs.
Health and Safety The HJFL are NOT responsible for the H & S of anyone onsite so children MUST be
supervised at all times, in particular, swinging on crossbars is particularly dangerous and
you MUST ensure that the children (including goalkeepers) do NOT swing on the bars.

The rules are subject to change, but the league management’s decision is final at all times.

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