Transfer Rules


1 All players must be registered on the WGS and ‘approved’ to play in the HJFL before playing.

2 Players that are new to the HJFL, ie have not been registered for another team in the HJFL
during that season, are classed as ‘free agents’ and able to register and seek approval to play for a team in the HJFL. A player can only be registered for one team in the HJFL.
3 The HJFL management committee will always encourage the introduction of ‘free agents’ to the league but will ensure that ‘approval’ of new players does not, in any way,
affect the outcome of a competition/league where trophies are awarded.
The management committee will decide the date from which a newly registered player
can start playing for his/her new team.
4 If a team folds during the season then their players become free agents and can register
for another team. (see terms of approval in 3 above).
5 Players registered with an Academy/Centre of excellence at the start of a season, but,
released during that season, will not be permitted to play in the HJFL during that season
once 50% of the winter league matches are completed.
6 A player can only be transferred to another team in the HJFL prior to the completion of
50% of the winter league games.
Transfers are NOT permitted after the completion of 50% of the winter leagues matches
except under ‘exceptional circumstances’.
Exceptional circumstances are deemed by the management committee.
7 If a player leaves a team during the season he/she is classed as a ‘free agent’ 6 weeks
after the date of his/her registration being cancelled on the WGS. As long as he/she
has fulfilled his/her obligation with their former club, then they can register for another
team in the Hightown JFL under the terms of 3 above.

All other registration/transfer matters will be decided by the management committee.

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